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Word Puzzles:
Christmas Crosstic
Work back and forth using clues to solve the secret phrase. (old fashioned html)
Directions Puzzle
How well do you follow directions?
Solve this puzzle & find out. (no plug-in required)
Ladder Puzzle
Use the clues to find the words,
drop a letter & rearrange the letters for new words. (no plug-in required)
Unscramble words to solve this puzzle. (old fashioned html)
Word Search 1
Interactive word search puzzle featuring words containing "ice". (java)
Word Search 2
Interactive word search puzzle featuring winter clothing words. (java)
Picture Puzzles:
Angel Jigsaw
An angelic jigsaw puzzle. (flash)
Mystery Jigsaw
As you assemble the puzzle, the picture appears. (flash)
Pixel Paint by Number #3
Also known as Nonograms and Griddlers. This puzzle is a medium difficulty, 3-color puzzle. (flash)
Poinsettia Jigsaw
Jigsaw puzzle featuring the popular holiday flower. (flash)
Click the Difference 1
Can you spot the differences between two pictures? (flash)
Click the Difference 2
Can you spot the differences between two Christmas pictures? (flash)
Memory Match Game
Match pairs of holiday tiles & test your memory. (flash)
Sliding Tile Puzzle
Slide the tiles to complete the puzzle. (java)

Fun Stuff:
Decorate a tree
Drag & drop objects to decorate a Christmas tree. (flash)
Silly Story
Fill in the blanks to create a silly story about a mixed-up elf. (flash)
Other Stuff:
Holiday Shopping
Links to holiday shopping on the web.