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  Welcome to the Winter Holiday Fun Site! On this site you will find many puzzles, games and stories with Winter and Christmas Holiday themes. So whether you enjoy jigsaws or word puzzles, memory games or silly stories; you will find something to do. Have Fun!

Latest Additions:

Connect the Dots - If you can count, you can solve this dot-to-dot puzzle.

Maze - Can you solve this online maze?

Directions - How well do you follow directions?

Ladder Puzzle - Solve this puzzle by using clues to find words, then scrambling the letters to create new words.

Winter Crosstic - Brand new Winter Crosstic puzzle.

Mystery Jigsaw - A jigsaw puzzle with rotatable pieces. The picture appears as you solve the puzzle.

Silly Story - Fill in the blanks to help write this silly story about a mixed up elf.

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