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halloween fun online word games puzzles

Index of Halloween Word Puzzles:

Interactive Halloween crossword puzzle. (java)

Ladder Puzzle 1 | Puzzle 2 | Puzzle 3 | Puzzle 4
Use the clues to find the words,
drop a letter & rearrange the letters for new words. (no plug-in required)

Secret Word
Guess Windy Witch's secret word before she turns the prince into a frog in this hangman type word game. (flash)

Unscramble Halloween words to solve this puzzle and receive a surprise. (no plug-in required)

Word Searches: (java)
   Search 1: "creepy critters"
   Search 2: "sweets & treats"
   Search 3: "cats, cats & more cats"
   Search 4: "types of spiders"
   Search 5: "bones"
   Search 6: "rhymes with treat"
   Search 7: "Vincent Price"
   Search 8: "haunted house sounds"